The Short Haired Blue Cat C.H. Lane


Published: May 5th 2009

Kindle Edition


The Short Haired Blue Cat  by  C.H. Lane

The Short Haired Blue Cat by C.H. Lane
May 5th 2009 | Kindle Edition | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, audiobook, mp3, ZIP | | ISBN: | 6.76 Mb

(The books I publish are always proof read and corrected before publishing on Kindle! David Snode)Among animals possibly the most perfect, and certainlythe most domestic, is the Cat. I did not think so always,having had a bias against it, and was some time comingto this belief- nevertheless, such is the fact.

It is averitable part of our household, and is both useful, quiet,affectionate, and ornamental. The small or large dogmay be regarded and petted, but is generally useless - theCat, a pet or not, is of service. Were it not for our Cats,rats and mice would overrun our house, buildings, cul-tivated and other lands. If there were not millions ofCats, there would be billions of vermin.Since the foundation of the National Cat Club,followed by the Cat Club and the British Cat Club, ofcourse cats have attained a more important position thanthey formerly held, and not only are they raised inpopular favor, but have greatly increased in value, sothat specimens of sufficient quality to win prizes in their classes readily find purchasers at remunerative prices, andI know of many persons, of both sexes, who keep well-filled catteries to supply the demand created by theshows.In the early days, I should say long-haired cats weredecidedly in the minority, but for some years past Iexpect for exhibition purposes more of the long-hairedhave been bred than of the short-haired.I have not the slightest doubt there are hundreds, ifnot thousands, of cats running about the country quitegood enough to win prizes at shows, and to sell for sub-stantial figures if their owners knew their value.This I have proved on more than one occasion bypicking up specimens at different times in most unlikelyplaces, with which I have taken prizes at some of our bestshows.IT has been suggested to me by many of my cattyfriends that I should write a small handbook for catfanciers.

I have had many years ex-perience with cats and kittens, and have also a real lovefor them, without which I do not believe any one can be asuccessful breeder and exhibitor of cats. What is worthdoing at all is worth doing well, and to combine profit withpleasure is a most desirable end to have in view. Theobject, therefore, of this little book is to assist cat lovers tobecome cat fanciers. I trust that it may be found helpfuland instructive.Here you will find a description of your cat along with judging standards and points, if you wish to show your cat.BONUS 1You also get an entire book on care and diseases of cats and their cures.

At the end of this book are more comparative judging points.BONUS 2Also included is a several page essay on the care of kittens.BONUS 3In addition you receive this cool little book on the zoological position of the cat family, with a descriptive list of the various feline species around the world. The second chapter describes the anatomy of the typical housecat.BONUS 4The final bonus is a book with some quotes and cat stories. Very interesting and amusing.This is a must have for all cat lovers and fanciers.

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