Invited In Kim Ashton



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Invited In  by  Kim Ashton

Invited In by Kim Ashton
| Kindle Edition | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, talking book, mp3, RTF | 44 pages | ISBN: | 3.65 Mb I want to run, or beg him to do it...?When the hot gay couple move in next door, Claire thinks she’s won the lottery – especially when the thin walls reveal their obviously kinky sex and set her imagination aflame with things she’s always fantasised about.But the temptation quickly becomes too much and she finds herself nervously climbing over their shared balcony to get a closer glimpse of their pleasure.

When they catch her watching, she’s sure that she’ll never recover from the embarrassment - but to her surprise, they’re willing to let her stay. If she can take the punishment they desire.Warning: This book contains MMF threesome scenes with BDSM, flogging, punishment and discipline themes.

Intended for readers 18+ only.ExcerptHe didnt seem angry as he held my face firmly, refusing to let me look away and avoid his penetrating gaze. But it was hard to read much beyond that firm stare and I struggled to fight down the awkwardness again. He wasnt going to let me get away with it though, his grip tightening as he repeated himself for emphasis.Dont you?I bit my lip as my blush deepened, but I couldnt deny it.Yes...My voice was barely a whisper as I squirmed against him.His other hand came down to cup my ass, squeezing hard and making me yelp.Well, arent you going to apologise, girl?His voice was still soft, but the firm threat whispering behind it was so obvious that butterflies danced through the heat in my stomach.

The danger this guy was emanating was starting to become far too hard to resist.I struggled for a moment before I managed to just accept it and give in.Maybe this is easier...maybe its better to clear the air completely in one hard moment filled with sexual tension...I nodded against his hand, hoping I looked as sorry as I felt about the whole thing.Yes, Im sorry, really I am...I just...couldnt help it...He fingered my ass roughly as he nodded.Well, were just going to have to teach you why you shouldnt be sneaking around trying to catch glimpses of this.My stomach twisted at his words, anxiety spiking through me and making my mind race with the possibilities.

My eyes drifted to that flogger again, and my pussy clenched in sudden I want to run, or beg him to do it...?

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